Landscape picture of Nagan Raya, Aceh

This scene was taken in a village of Nagan Raya  Distric of Aceh. The district has resources to provide abundant rice while many families also generate income from rubber and cacao. The districts  located in the Leuser ecosystem buffer area. I note that agriculture economy moves the district to appropriate development strategy, reducing poverty and tackling forest crime.

Riverside economy

Berau is one of oldest city in Kalimantan. Its natural resource develops the city's economy, as seen in the riverside area. At dawn, the riverside area is crowded by pushcarts offering various light food and tasty beverage.
Enjoying a cup of coffee in a dawn  of Berau, you will see how the city is patterned by the river activities.

Thanks to: the admin of gps system, who have provided complicated green jobs info as well as paclitaxel information in tropical forest.

Photographic technique: focus

An easiest way to capture a very clear object is using small and rounded-like object such unblossom flower of fruit trees. I employed simple photographic equipment to sharpening my technique and sense of good point of view. A natural object such flower in the forest may yield fascinating photos.

Behind the scene

Who stands behind the process of taking photos using best camera? It talks many ideas, from cultural tourism, to photographic technique. But I really curious to find best shots from various views.

Blue mosque

This blue mosque locates in Sipirok, a sub-district in North Tapunuli, North Sumatra of Indonesia. Muslim dominates in the area coloring their unique tradition.

Rehabilitation of Prambanan temple

Prambanan temple is being rehabilitated. A sequence of earthquake hit Yogyakarta areas including Prambanan temple in 27 May 2006 causing major damage and about 5000 deaths. World's society supported the reconstruction of the largest Hindu temple compound in Indonesia.

The police

I took this picture in front of US Embassy in Jakarta about a year ago. At that time, people of Indonesia showing their sympathy to thousands victims of Palestinian when Gaza attacked by Israeli military forces. Indonesian also send humanity massages to US Embassy.

School building in a remote village

Inside a building of elementary school in a remote village in West Kalimantan.

Indonesia has been trying to improve education facilities as its allocated public fund increased significantly in recent years.

Stop by

It is interesting to enjoy natural scene around unpolluted river flowing in the middle of tropical forest ecosystem.

The sign

A shining sign put in a side of entrance of National Park Mount Halimun. The national park covers an unique ecosystem around Mt Halimun, one of nearest mountain compound from Jakarta.

Paddy field in a border of Sumatran orangutan habitat

Here what villagers have in their lands --  farming for life. Rice is important commodity amidst their living close to forests area-- a place we can found the last Sumatran Orangutan.  Some NGOs are working to improve villagers' livelihood as well as protecting its forests.

Flower pictures: orchid

Flower is symbol of beauty. Flower pictures have been choose by many people to express their emotional situation, sign of female-like symbol and others.  This flower picture shows orchid flower that maintained in home environment.

Green tea garden

A scene of green tea garden in Bogor, West Java. Indonesia manages tea garden in wide areas as well as involving many labor farmers.

Fish-made food

A store offers a type of food made from fish or called kerupuk basah, literally translated as wet crispy, but the food is far from crispy-like. It similar to well known food empek-empek of Palembang of Indonesia, without egg and different fish species.

Television stands as cheap entertainment

Most Indonesians, from urban area to rural areas, are enjoying television as cheap entertainment. 

Waiting for the navigator

A boat waits its navigator. Boat is main transporter in some remote areas of Kalimantan, Indonesia, for along time. As the island is dominated by tropical forests, the river flows the water greatly at wet season.

Best travel destination: Toba lake

A side of Toba lake, taken near Parapat. The lake has become first list of tourism in North Sumatra of Indonesia. Tourists can enjoy beautiful scene from several sides. The lake has 100 kms in length and 30 kms in wide.
The natural beautiful is one of environmental services that become main support of eco tourism, an emerging industry in recent years.

The yellow embraces garden

Flower has become embracing sign in our life, at many cities and societies. Your garden will be more colorful with various type of flowers. This beautiful flower will continue to gift its fabulous only in suitable environment. In fact, the environment is facing global warming effects.


A white flower blossoms attracting insects and photographers.

Train station of Tugu

A morning scene at Yogyakarta train station. Having an overnight travel from Jakarta, you'll welcomed by old buildings and maybe a morning with clear sky hangs over like this.

Sunset at Sibolga

West coast of Sumatra embraces with nice beach located in Sibolga, a city of Central Tapanuli in North Sumatra. In Sibolga, you can find luxury hotel, seafood restaurants and main entrance to Nias Island.

The guards

The police guards US Embassy in Jakarta in a 2007 demonstration condemning the silence of US government on the Isreal's attack to Gaza causing over a thousand palestinians died.


Thousands seedling of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) are ready to plant under national program of land rehabilitation in Temanggung, Central Java. Sengon is one of the fastest growing trees in the tropics. The picture was taken in a time of 2004.

A morning scene in Sipirok

I put a shoot using pocket digital camera of Olympus in landscape mode. I find that instead of long experience in photographic, enough photo equipment we need to find remarkable moment. A morning scene may not enough, but its still interest me.

A parade of politicians

A march of elementary students act as politicians such Bupati (The head of distric), President and vice president and else. This annual parade is organized to celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia at August 17th.

A morning scene in Mendalam

Get up early and enjoy the fresh air delivered by nature at the spot of undisturbed forest embraced by clean water flowing through gently. I found this scene without enough photo equipment, thus yielding ordinary photographic. But that's fine, I was not in the middle of holiday :)

A boy of dayak tribe

While most of 8 years children in your country enjoying online video game, latest Naruto anime --this dayak-tribe boy plays with rattan-made rope or just laugh on his parents small boat riding a river close to village.

Higher level scene

Another higher scene of Dieng. It looks settlement areas surrounded by dominant open-field farming land with less trees.

The navigator

Riding a boat in rivers of Kalimantan needs some courage, even in the dry season when the water level decreases slowly and you may experience a little adventure. Dont worry, the navigator will always guide us to easiest way.

Terraces of farming

This is how people of Dieng, manages their land. Dieng is a plateau area located in Central Java. Some cultural heritage of Hindi temples attract many visitors, and its natural beauty embraced by massive farming practice causing high errosion.

A black hen

A black hen gets around with its baby looking for some edible insects or other feeds. Chicken provide important nutrition for most people from rural areas to urban, in South countries to North within various form of fast food or just simple burnt called Sate.

Old jungle rubber

This is what people called about jungle rubber --a type of forest-like land use consisting high value product of rubber. Farmers in Jambi, a province in Sumatra island of Indonesia, maintain the land since it performing a support for their livelihood.

Green vegetable

Katuk is one of green vegetable consumed by some people in Java and Kalimantan (bornero). Vegetable farmers in Java maintain this plant with intensive manner as its commercial value in urban market, meanwhile in some remote village in Kalimantan, they used it subsistancelly.

Dawn at Sipirok

Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

Baitul Hikmah mosque of Berau

The mosque is called Baitul Hikmah, meaning of House of good learning. A house where Muslim found best learning and ideas, self-consequences and enlighten its mind to support better earth for all people.

A side of green mosque

Long corridor in a side of the Green Mosque, Berau

Berau, a well-known city in East Kalimantan.
It population mostly Muslim came from outer Borneo. As a migrant, they easy to hand in hand in running business. Instead of trader, there are lot of skilled migrant working in mining companies.

Welcome (again) Ramadan!

Muslim in all of the world will celebrate the coming of Ramadan, a month of fasting, a month Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise until sunset. Muslim in Indonesia welcome Ramadan differences in some places, but most of them will clean up their closest mosque. In that month, mosque will become more crowd by religious activities.

Green mosque of Berau

I prefer to use term of Green Mosque of Berau rather than other. The mosque become well-known building in the center of a rich-coal city of East Kalimantan. This well known building characterized by several strong towers, contras with surrounding areas.

Environmental services

Clean water, fresh air and beauty are what environmental can provide for us. Most that services are less recognized in current development mainstream.

Road to village

Blue sky, a line of narrow road and a tree stands as if a bridge for earth down to earth. The photo was taken a time of 2009 when long dry season begin. At the time photo taking, most villagers were working at their field leaving women and children.

Rubber garden at Sipirok

In Sipirok, farmers maintain aren trees (Arengan pinnata) in their rubber garden. They tap it everyday to make palm sugar and generating additional income.

The making of rattan-bag

Making rattan generating a small portion of their household income. As their dependency to nature are relatively higher, I think their needs for cash money is lower than us who enjoying easy electricity and high speed internet.

Embracing wide scene of blue sky

Sometimes I turn my eyes to sky to get a sense of relaxing. Any form of white cloud embraces the sky which bring down wide space sense as if reducing stress' everyone. I found rare this scene in urban areas with high air pollution. The scene seems exist with the undisturbed nature, river and forest.

Road to Berau

A road of timber concession company looks well maintained. The road is located in Berau, a district of East Kalimantan. I noted a posting about roads connected to Berau which suffered lack maintenance. However, the district has abundant coal reserve and fabulous marine tourism spot of Derawan island.

Rambutan seedling

A seedling of rambutan, a kind of fruit tree from Southeast Asia. Rambutan used as common tree in land rehabilitation as its has multiple products such timber and fruits.

Sunset in Mendalam river

Most people are waiting sunset as its remarkable moment. Villager living near Mendalam river of West Kalimantan, and very depend on the river as their transportation to the city.

Small mosque close to great river

A small white mosque stands near Kapuas river in Kapuas Hulu of West Kalimantan. People in downstream of the river mostly dominated by Melayu ethnic of moslem.

Ready to harvest

Paddy field in Sukabumi is ready to harvest. Sukabumi, a district of West Java is one of areas producing high value of rice in Java.

I like its color.

Old traditional Dayak tribe house

In recent years, government of Indonesia has been trying to manage traditional people in modern house for each family. However, Dayak people still maintain their traditional house to attract visitors. The house is located in West Kalimantan.