Thousands seedling of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) are ready to plant under national program of land rehabilitation in Temanggung, Central Java. Sengon is one of the fastest growing trees in the tropics. The picture was taken in a time of 2004.

A morning scene in Sipirok

I put a shoot using pocket digital camera of Olympus in landscape mode. I find that instead of long experience in photographic, enough photo equipment we need to find remarkable moment. A morning scene may not enough, but its still interest me.

A parade of politicians

A march of elementary students act as politicians such Bupati (The head of distric), President and vice president and else. This annual parade is organized to celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia at August 17th.

A morning scene in Mendalam

Get up early and enjoy the fresh air delivered by nature at the spot of undisturbed forest embraced by clean water flowing through gently. I found this scene without enough photo equipment, thus yielding ordinary photographic. But that's fine, I was not in the middle of holiday :)

A boy of dayak tribe

While most of 8 years children in your country enjoying online video game, latest Naruto anime --this dayak-tribe boy plays with rattan-made rope or just laugh on his parents small boat riding a river close to village.

Higher level scene

Another higher scene of Dieng. It looks settlement areas surrounded by dominant open-field farming land with less trees.

The navigator

Riding a boat in rivers of Kalimantan needs some courage, even in the dry season when the water level decreases slowly and you may experience a little adventure. Dont worry, the navigator will always guide us to easiest way.

Terraces of farming

This is how people of Dieng, manages their land. Dieng is a plateau area located in Central Java. Some cultural heritage of Hindi temples attract many visitors, and its natural beauty embraced by massive farming practice causing high errosion.

A black hen

A black hen gets around with its baby looking for some edible insects or other feeds. Chicken provide important nutrition for most people from rural areas to urban, in South countries to North within various form of fast food or just simple burnt called Sate.