Rubber garden

The photo shows the origin of your expensive car tire. It made from rubber tree, typically planted in rows using single improved seedling. In Indonesia, rubber garden can be easily found in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

The scene was taken in Jambi, Sumtara island last year.

A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee lights up the day. A cup of coffee for some people just like a breakfast. This coffee was served in Aceh of Indonesia a place where people likely to enjoy coffee in a traditional cafe in the morning.
An Aceh coffee maker prepare a cup of coffee using traditional tools such filter made from cotton, coffee bean and hot water. You can directly follow the traditional process of making a cup of coffee from original Indonesian coffee bean.
In Aceh, there's a popular coffee drink called Ulee Kareng. Indonesia is fourth largest coffee producers in the world. Its biophysical environment suits for coffee growing, and some people links it with deforestation.

River bank collapse

A spot of river bank collapse in Mendalam river, Kapuas Hulu of West Kalimantan. This is how the river damages a spot of land and leaving another spot dried. If we see this changes over time and captured with high resolution of satellite photo (or maybe Google map), then the river just like a huge moving snake on the earth.

Picture of sky in Nagan Raya district

Another fabulous scene in Aceh, a region with fertile lands, beautiful sea and unique tropical rain forest.  In Nagan Raya, people living in the border area of the forests are depending on agriculture activities such paddy, rubber and cocoa. Enhance their livelihood will link to the reduction of illegal logging and deforestation in tropical rain forest.
In the coastal area, more people engage with coconut fruit and some fisheries products.