Stylish in red curve

Here a nice view I found in the lobby of a hotel in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. I guess they put the chair and curvy red carpet accordingly, showing an elegant minimalism.

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Picture of flower: cactaceae home

Many indonesian put this flower in their front homegarden or front terrace of their house. It an easy-to-cultivate flower, tolerate in less-water environment and it has unique forms.

A traveler’s note on protection

Having a trip around the world is very pleasant for many people. Enjoying beautiful mountain views, stay in fresh-air remote area village as well as take a sun-bath in tropical beach such in Bali.  To make it possible, we need to arrange an overseas travel— a complex activities not all people like to deal with.

Some people then like to contact travel agency to arrange preparation, ticket, accommodations and travel insurance! There are many travel agencies, but I recommend you to select cheap airline ticket agency to a find best price for your significant element cost on travelling. Cheap airline ticket agency help us providing available ticket in most affordable price. Indeed, there are many agencies outside offering various travel packets, including its airline tickets. They make advertisements in various media, thus make their cost higher than others.  In contrary, cheap airline ticket agency mostly avoid huge advertisement campaign to keep the cost lower.

Instead of ticket, we need to consider about protection during the journey. Travel insurance usually covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation and other losses incurred during traveling. The insurance can be arranged at the time when we make a booking of a trip. But if you previously have engaged with an insurance company, just contact it again—maybe they have any products related to travel insurance.