Sunset in Mendalam river

Most people are waiting sunset as its remarkable moment. Villager living near Mendalam river of West Kalimantan, and very depend on the river as their transportation to the city.

Small mosque close to great river

A small white mosque stands near Kapuas river in Kapuas Hulu of West Kalimantan. People in downstream of the river mostly dominated by Melayu ethnic of moslem.

Ready to harvest

Paddy field in Sukabumi is ready to harvest. Sukabumi, a district of West Java is one of areas producing high value of rice in Java.

I like its color.

Old traditional Dayak tribe house

In recent years, government of Indonesia has been trying to manage traditional people in modern house for each family. However, Dayak people still maintain their traditional house to attract visitors. The house is located in West Kalimantan.

Heavy cloud

It seems almost rain when we in a trips towards a traditional managed garden in Sipirok, North Sumatra. The area is about 1000 meters above sea level.

Blue sky, green land cover

Enjoying the nature, I advice you to visit National Park of Betung Kerihun in Kapuas Hulu of West Kalimantan. It has beautiful scene with nice river of Mendalam.

A house you dream

Dreaming a house, you'd better to collect more references such I found a wooden house surrounded by wide field and its nice grass. It's located in remote village of Kapuas hulu, West Kalimantan, about twenty hours from Pontianak by land vehicle.

Traditional house of Dayak tribe

An old traditional house of Dayak tribe stands near river of Mendalam, West Kalimantan (Borneo island). The house has ten to twenty doors representing number of family that dwelling within.

Coffee and cigaret

Smoking without coffee is not complete, says smokers. In the morning, enjoying robusta coffee or luwak coffee just like a breakfast for some people.They have been addicted and mostly ignoring alerts on how cigarettes decaying their body.

At night of Demak mosque

Having tired in a trip to Cepu, we stopped by at Demak mosque of Central Java. That's fascinating moment in rainy season.

Train station of Cirebon

Visit Cirebon,you'll find interesting development of mixing culture that living in city of trade endowed by natural resources such oil. Train is one of easiest way to reach Cirebon.


Beautiful scene near a mosque in Cilacap city, Central Java of Indonesia