Syzygium samarangense flower pic

Syzygium samarangense is one of most popular tropical fruit tree; could grow up to 12 tall.  The fruit is bell-shaped with various color from white to red.

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Syzygium samarangense picture

People from Indonesia, Thailand, Philipine or India found this tree very easy; most of them called it Jambu air (water apple), wax apple java apple, chomphu (in Thailand) or bell fruit, makopa (Philipine).

Syzygium sp parts of Myrtaceae family. Enjoy the complete members here: A Monograph of the Genus Myrceugenia (Myrtaceae) (Flora Neotropica Monograph No. 29)

Picture of tree: pinang

Areca catechu, or called pinang --a species under Arecaceae family. People maintain pinang as border tree, found in their home garden and the main road of their villages.

The Kadriah palace of Pontianak

The palace is part of the origin of Pontianak city and now become the most popular historical tourism in West Kalimantan.

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In Centraal Borneo: Reis van Pontianak naar Samarinda (Dutch Edition)

Small white flower

Contrast and elegant, uneasy object to found by some amateur photographers.