Stop by

It is interesting to enjoy natural scene around unpolluted river flowing in the middle of tropical forest ecosystem.

The sign

A shining sign put in a side of entrance of National Park Mount Halimun. The national park covers an unique ecosystem around Mt Halimun, one of nearest mountain compound from Jakarta.

Paddy field in a border of Sumatran orangutan habitat

Here what villagers have in their lands --  farming for life. Rice is important commodity amidst their living close to forests area-- a place we can found the last Sumatran Orangutan.  Some NGOs are working to improve villagers' livelihood as well as protecting its forests.

Flower pictures: orchid

Flower is symbol of beauty. Flower pictures have been choose by many people to express their emotional situation, sign of female-like symbol and others.  This flower picture shows orchid flower that maintained in home environment.

Green tea garden

A scene of green tea garden in Bogor, West Java. Indonesia manages tea garden in wide areas as well as involving many labor farmers.

Fish-made food

A store offers a type of food made from fish or called kerupuk basah, literally translated as wet crispy, but the food is far from crispy-like. It similar to well known food empek-empek of Palembang of Indonesia, without egg and different fish species.

Television stands as cheap entertainment

Most Indonesians, from urban area to rural areas, are enjoying television as cheap entertainment. 

Waiting for the navigator

A boat waits its navigator. Boat is main transporter in some remote areas of Kalimantan, Indonesia, for along time. As the island is dominated by tropical forests, the river flows the water greatly at wet season.