Best travel destination: Toba lake

A side of Toba lake, taken near Parapat. The lake has become first list of tourism in North Sumatra of Indonesia. Tourists can enjoy beautiful scene from several sides. The lake has 100 kms in length and 30 kms in wide.
The natural beautiful is one of environmental services that become main support of eco tourism, an emerging industry in recent years.

The yellow embraces garden

Flower has become embracing sign in our life, at many cities and societies. Your garden will be more colorful with various type of flowers. This beautiful flower will continue to gift its fabulous only in suitable environment. In fact, the environment is facing global warming effects.


A white flower blossoms attracting insects and photographers.

Train station of Tugu

A morning scene at Yogyakarta train station. Having an overnight travel from Jakarta, you'll welcomed by old buildings and maybe a morning with clear sky hangs over like this.

Sunset at Sibolga

West coast of Sumatra embraces with nice beach located in Sibolga, a city of Central Tapanuli in North Sumatra. In Sibolga, you can find luxury hotel, seafood restaurants and main entrance to Nias Island.

The guards

The police guards US Embassy in Jakarta in a 2007 demonstration condemning the silence of US government on the Isreal's attack to Gaza causing over a thousand palestinians died.