Grilled chicken

This grilled chicken picture isn't from 100 Best Chicken Recipes. You might be found tasteful chicken recipe and try it at home.

Picture of red flower

Red and smooth gathered in a homegarden flower. Another colouring species:)

Palm oil mill

Europe may ask greener biofuel from developing country such Indonesia. And Indonesia may propose better management practice of palm oil industry as well as stopping the new expansion of the plantation in the forest area.

However, there are thoughts that palm oil is future commodity that will save the world from the fossil fuel scarcity. Other suggest palm oil is miracle!
Enjoy the book : The Palm Oil Miracle (Bruce Fife, 2007)

Photographic action

Taking fab scene in row.

Photographic is a kind of art. You find a good scene with no art sense, it will lead nothing.

I recommend the following book to improve photographic skill:
Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

Photographic Composition