A stunning action

An insect is trying to take valuable stuff of  a white flower. A quick action in a limited occasion.

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Replanting of oil palm plantation

This is how to rejuvinate an oil palm plantation. Despite of the controversy on the forest conversion for plantation, Indonesia remains one of world top producers of crude palm oil (CPO).
They inject liquid poison to 25 years age of oil palm tree, and plant the seedlings two weeks after shade open.

Read the following books The Oil Palm (World Agriculture Series) to find complete understanding.

Deforestation, oil palm plantation picture

A nice view of oil palm plantation in Aceh.
In recent years, oil palm plantation has been accussed for high deforestation rate in Indonesia.
In fact, the size of rainforests area of Indonesia is decreasing, contrary to oil palm plantation that wider and wider.

More about deforestation information:
Interaction effects between economic development and forest cover determine deforestation rates [An article from: Global Environmental Change]

Rubber plantation in Lampung

Lampung is one of main producers on various world's high-commercial commodities such rubber. Other plantations are exist in the area, oil palm, banana, coffee etc.

Picture was taken in Tulang Bawang district, an area where migrants were moved to decades ago.

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a rice field of Berau

I note Berau as one of oldest city in Kalimantan as well as endowed by rich natural resources city, such coal and rainforest timber.

Instead of that, Berau's government is trying to develop its agriculture by backing up program on food crops.

Here some irrigated ricefields of Berau. Nice views under blue sky!

If you have a chance to visit Kalimantan, this reading is very relevant: Rainforest Ecosystems of East Kalimantan: El Nino, Drought, Fire and Human Impacts (Ecological Studies)