Landscape picture of Nagan Raya, Aceh

This scene was taken in a village of Nagan Raya  Distric of Aceh. The district has resources to provide abundant rice while many families also generate income from rubber and cacao. The districts  located in the Leuser ecosystem buffer area. I note that agriculture economy moves the district to appropriate development strategy, reducing poverty and tackling forest crime.

Riverside economy

Berau is one of oldest city in Kalimantan. Its natural resource develops the city's economy, as seen in the riverside area. At dawn, the riverside area is crowded by pushcarts offering various light food and tasty beverage.
Enjoying a cup of coffee in a dawn  of Berau, you will see how the city is patterned by the river activities.

Thanks to: the admin of gps system, who have provided complicated green jobs info as well as paclitaxel information in tropical forest.

Photographic technique: focus

An easiest way to capture a very clear object is using small and rounded-like object such unblossom flower of fruit trees. I employed simple photographic equipment to sharpening my technique and sense of good point of view. A natural object such flower in the forest may yield fascinating photos.

Behind the scene

Who stands behind the process of taking photos using best camera? It talks many ideas, from cultural tourism, to photographic technique. But I really curious to find best shots from various views.

Blue mosque

This blue mosque locates in Sipirok, a sub-district in North Tapunuli, North Sumatra of Indonesia. Muslim dominates in the area coloring their unique tradition.

Rehabilitation of Prambanan temple

Prambanan temple is being rehabilitated. A sequence of earthquake hit Yogyakarta areas including Prambanan temple in 27 May 2006 causing major damage and about 5000 deaths. World's society supported the reconstruction of the largest Hindu temple compound in Indonesia.

The police

I took this picture in front of US Embassy in Jakarta about a year ago. At that time, people of Indonesia showing their sympathy to thousands victims of Palestinian when Gaza attacked by Israeli military forces. Indonesian also send humanity massages to US Embassy.

School building in a remote village

Inside a building of elementary school in a remote village in West Kalimantan.

Indonesia has been trying to improve education facilities as its allocated public fund increased significantly in recent years.