Hunt fascinating moments at Croatia destinations

If there any chance to explore the most favorite and unique destination, with my beloved DSLR, then I’ll choose Raja Ampat as the best place for diving, and the new destination of coastal country. Exploring the world most beautiful coastal and sea destination is my great wish. The travel would be cool if it includes the journey on old city with unique architecture. The travel also comforted with the nice accommodation at affordable price.

Let say all that advantages are found in a country such Croatia. Villas in Croatia offers good features with competitive price, and friendly owner. Villas in Croatia are good accommodation to choose, even we engage in a tour package visiting various destinations within the country. Croatia situated t the crossroads of the Mitteleuropa, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean –making its destination has unique combination of cultures. This country is endowed by ancient architectures, fascinating natural spots and attractive cultural events. Most of the country has a moderately warm and rainy continental climate, and it one the richest Europe countries in term of biodiversity.

My plan to catch amazing pictures with my DSLR Canon in Croatia is started in Varadzin and Zagreb. In Varadzin, I’ll take picture as many as possible the beautiful of baroque style architecture. In Zagreb, my journey will aim museums and all fabulous objects at Upper Town. Zagreb is fascinating spot to find the combination eastern and Western Europe. Zagreb has Maksimir Park, a popular place for bikers to gather, joggers and strollers to play and exist.

Stay in Zagreb for several days maybe too short. Too many spots attracting my curiosity for taking priceless moments and fascinating objects. Will Zagreb establish impressive experience? A homeaway place for many amazing pictures hunters. I’m also very curious with the ruins of ancient Roman. They said, we can find it at Dalmatia -- a historical area on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The coastline of Croatia seems the most crowded place for tourists as well as there are more options for accommodation. Nautical tourism also available there.

My friend told me the best time to visit Croatia is between April and September. In April, the coast is too cool for swimming. But, if we want to go at May or June, there are many outdoor activities to be opted. Thanks for my friend for the short valuable Croatia tour guide, I’ll consider managing a short hiking to Mt Medvednica, near Zagreb.